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Note: Compatible with Oculus Quest 1/2 only. Virtual Reality Game

Supports 90Hz/120Hz on Oculus Quest 2

Can You Do It is the epic experience of Virtual Reality Technology

Experience and play with hang gliding, city crossing, shooting, ladder climbing, zip-lining, Elevator failure, and many more coming soon in an update.

Can you do it? If Yes then don't release the grab button during play else you might fall down.

Play in free mode and time challenge mode.


  • Gun Hunt Mode
  • Hand Gliding
  • Dual Rope Crossing
  • Zip Lining
  • Elevator Failure
  • Ladder Climbing

Experience city from the top of the sky by doing Hang Gliding, Feel real - Climb the ladder and cross the road with rope, shooting,  like a real experience. 

Experience the power of virtual reality.

(To enable 120Hz, open the universal menu, go to Settings > Experimental Features, and then enable 120 Hz)


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CanYouDoIt_NoCheck_v1.15_B6.apk 137 MB

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It's missing one crucial component, which is walking the plank or some other fear of hights element where you have to physically walk (could be tightwalk rope or taking a massive step across a big gap or something along those lines or three deadly elevators that you have to cross in order not to fall). 

I was also hoping to be able to steer while hand glinding ;p 

All in all my favourite experience was Dual Rope crossing and least favourite gun hunt. 

Edit: My friend also suggested zip line should have adjustable speed setting. He was expecting zip line to be much faster and  seemed quite disappointed when it wasn't.

Any plans for app lab?

Yes, already under review by the oculus team. Soon will be available on Oculus AppLab And Oculus Store (Rift/S)

I got the game as a giveaway.

Thanks, Thunder Game Studio for that.

The basic game idea has potential as it plays with the user's fear of heights. But it definitely needs more things to do & objects to interact with, some kind of task system with increasing challenges (maybe even a player ranking?), and ideally a storyline that ties everything together.

At the time of testing, you could choose from 4 (with the last update now 5) independent activities in the main menu. They are nice for a first-time-VR-experience. But once you've done them, there is nothing else to explore (yet).

It would be great if you could walk around the city freely, interact with people & objects, get tasks (e.g. get to a certain point in time, rescue someone from a burning building, climb/fly to certain points without triggering an alarm, etc.) and collect items/points for your performance. There is really a lot the developers can do with that game concept.

In my eyes, the price is too high for this initial release but at least you help the developers create more content in the future. This game has the potential to become something fun and I'm really looking forward to where this is going in the future.

Thank you so much for the wonderful in-depth review, we are already working on other activities to add in an upcoming update. Hope you will share a review of that update too. Thanks a lot for understanding from a developer aspect.

Just have to say... I have no idea what this game is and why it is worth $5 from the Video or the description on this page.

Need to do a better job at marketing.

Hi, This is VR experience game, which includes activities like climbing ladder, rope climbing, hang gliding etc. Video shows very clear what kind of experience you will get. If you like to play game for hours then this is not for you and if you like to get some good VR experience then you can try this. 

Hope now you might have clear idea.


Got it. 

So, it is an open playground space type of thing with  junglegyms and ladders, etc. but in the form of a city